Friday, April 18, 2014
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Toby Shelley to be at May 8th Meeting

The Otisco Lake Rod & Gun Club will be hosting the Democratic candidate for county Sheriff Mr. Toby Shelley at our May 8th monthly meeting. Mr. Shelley will speak to the membership plus answer questions. Beginning at approximately 8:30pm just after our regular club business meeting. Club members are encouraged to bring a co-worker, friend, family member or guest.

2013 Big Buck Contest Winners

We had some really nice bucks entered in the contest. Congratulations to all the successful hunters, and thanks to all for supporting the club!

GUN Division

Hunter                       Final Score        Tie Breaker

1. Scott Presher          125 1/8             140 3/8

2. Dave MacDonald     125 0/8              135 7/8

3. Bob McKenty          120 6/8             132 5/8

BOW Division

Hunter                       Final Score        Tie Breaker

1. Daniel Walsh            120 5/8           128 6/8

2. Daniel Walding          106 7/8           114 7/8

3. Steve White             97 6/8            110 7/8

President's Message for 2014

Presidents message 2014

By Mike Curtis

Looking back at 2013 all I can say is - what a year for firearm owners in New York and the country.

First of all, I would like to sincerely thank all of the Club members who volunteered to help out at the

Club in 2013. From the members who did the lawn mowing and trimming, to the officers and board

members who gave up their time to run events, pay the bills, keep track of the membership, clean the

club house, volunteer for kitchen duty, website support and helping with the day-to-day repairs. And

also to the members who just stopped by and emptied the trash or swept the range – thank you. The

pride we all take in our Club shows and it is extremely important in today’s anti-firearm environment.

Read more: President's Message for 2014

Range Rental Dates

Range Rental Dates. 2014

The Club has entered into an agreement with the New York State Unified Court System for the use of

our facility for the training of New York State Court Officers.

This opportunity has been an ongoing topic at several of the last club meetings. Officers from the

training Academy took time to attend the November monthly meeting to answer questions from both

the board and the membership. It was then approved to move forward with the agreement by the

membership and the board.

Read more: Range Rental Dates

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Latest OLRGC Events

Hunter Safety Class
Thu Apr 17 @08:00 - 05:00PM

Hunter Safety Class
Sat Apr 19 @08:00 - 05:00PM

Range rented/closed for Unified System
Tue Apr 29 @08:00 - 05:00PM

Range rented/closed for Unified System
Wed Apr 30 @08:00 - 05:00PM

Range rented/closed for Unified System
Thu May 01 @08:00 - 05:00PM

Appleseed Shoot
Sat May 03 @08:00 - 05:00PM

Appleseed Shoot
Sun May 04 @08:00 - 05:00PM

Sat May 17 @08:00 - 05:00PM

Pistol League 5PM-9PM
Mon Jun 02 @08:00 - 05:00PM

Range rented/closed for Unified System
Tue Jun 03 @08:00 - 05:00PM

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