Tuesday, September 30, 2014
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Range Closed Dates

The Range is closed for normal use on the following dates:

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  • The range will be closed on October 5th until 3PM for the Deer Hunters Challenge.  Although the range is closed the Deer Hunters Challenge is open to the public.  View the Deer Hunters Challenge article for more details.
  • The range will be closed on October 25th until 5PM for the Womens Basic Pistol Class. View the Womens Pistol Class article for more details
  • The range will be closed on November 9th until 3PM for the 2014 Annual Turkey Shoot.  Although the range is closed the Annual Turkey Shoot is open to the public.  View the 2014 Annual Turkey Shoot article for more details.


The "Deer Hunter's Challenge" is a new club shooting event. 5 deer targets spread out across the range, shooting from a treestand and ground blind. You will have 2 minutes for taking 5 shots from the treestand, and 2 minutes for 6 shots from the ground blind, for 11 total shots. The hunter will be scored for accuracy, and will be able to review his targets. The shoot is on Sunday October 5th. The hours are 10AM until~2PM. You can shoot in shotgun, rifle, and/or handgun class for this shoot. Cost will be a $5 donation to the club. This event is open to non-members.

Turkey Shoot, Nov. 9th 2014

Our annual fall Turkey Shoot will be held on SUNDAY, November 9th from 9AM until 3PM. There will be a wide variety of shooting events for all pistols, rifles, shotguns, from action/speed events, "full house", pie plates to "green bird" for Trap.  The club's Texas Star will also be out for your shooting pleasure! Try your luck with the Star for $1 with centerfire pistols, .22 rifles, or shotguns with birdshot.

Win a variety of food and cash prizes! Games will be a $5 donation, with only 5 shooters in each game. Our new and improved Big Buck Contest tickets will be available with the grand prize, a Ruger American 308, being drawn at the end of the shoot. This event is open to the public and is fun for the whole family. Come on out!


2014 Big Buck Contest

Our annual Big Buck contest is open. The grand prize this year is a .308 Win Ruger American compact rifle, which will be available at Tim's Guns in Elbridge. All tickets are eligible for the grand prize, as well as additional prizes. The winners will be drawn at our Turkey Shoot on November 9th, 2014. As usual, there will be cash prizes awarded to the top 3 gun and bow-killed bucks. Hunters may enter a New York buck in both categories. All game laws are in effect, and the tag must accompany your antlers to be scored. Tickets are available now for a $15 donation. Your ticket MUST BE purchased before your bag your buck. The ticket stubs have more information as well as contact information for the 3 scorers. Again, you do not have to enter a buck to be eligible for the other prizes. Good luck and safe hunting.

Women's Pistol Training Class

Are you a women that is interested in learning more about basic pistol instruction and safety?

Read more: Women's Pistol Training Class

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